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Why Choose Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics?

Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics is a premier Tampa Weight loss and Wellness Center focused on the individual’s well-being as a whole. We differentiate ourselves by offering a personalized and exquisite attention to our clients. All our resources, technology and efforts are oriented to the effectiveness of our treatments.

Our experienced staff will guide you in this new journey towards a healthier, satisfying and more productive life. On the Aesthetics side, our services include Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring with Ultra Shape Power, Cellulite reduction with Velashape 3, Skin Tightening, Facials, Microneedling, ZoomTeeth Whitening and more.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics?

Ida Figueroa

I absolutely loved my experience at Be Bellus. I don’t have that much hair buy got tired of shaving. With my first treatment I noticed the difference already where I barely had to shave. The staff is friendly, fast and on time. Lots of my friends who are all sorts of colors have asked me about it and I feel comfortable with Be Bellus in knowing what proper setting to use when doing the laser hair removal treatments. The seem to be knowledgeable on the importance of the melanin in your skin and giving the proper amount of heat to do the laser hair removal process. Be Bellus is the place to be! They also do other cosmetic treatments that I will be looking into just because I feel so confortable with their staff. Thank you, Be Bellus!!!!!*

Denise Beaird

For the last 10 years I have been trying everything under the sun to get the midlife weight off of me. Nothing seemed to work then I had some friends at work that tried Be Bellus. I watched both of them lose amazing wait and they did it with their daughters. No arguing with their daughters yet! So my daughter and I started this on January 8. My daughter has lost 27 pounds and I have lost 20. I am down to the weight I was when I got married 20 years ago. You guys are amazing, Lina you are so encouraging and help us to never give up. The best part I’ve watched my friend keep it off for over eight months and both my daughter and I plan on being success stories. What a success story is to us is keeping the weight off for more than a year. The doctor said anybody can lose weight because you can change I habit 21 days but it takes a year to change a life style. That’s what we’re going for. Thank you everyone that works there,you are all amazing and we will tell everyone about you.”

Marie Formica

Definitely loved my laser hair removal experience! It is a gift to not have to worry about shaving all the time! The staff was wonderful and welcoming. I recommend them to my family & friends.” *
-Marie Formica

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Schedule a consultation with Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics