How Injectables can help you?

Lines and wrinkles develop when animated muscles beneath the skin contract during expression and crease the skin above them. This is common in areas such as the forehead when eyebrows are raised and crow’s feet during smiling. Targeted medical injections, helps to lessen these muscles’ overactive contraction, softening the appearance of fine lines in the areas of motion. 


We also offer dermal filler options, that will help to minimize wrinkles around your mouth and nose, or it can be used for lip and eye fillers. Dermal fillers are naturally-derived injectable facial fillers. They improve the volume loss that occurs in our faces as we age, decrease fine lines and wrinkles and plump thin lips.


At Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer a variety of dermal fillers and injectables to help you achieve younger-looking skin. We provide a wide range of professional services at our office by our Nurse Practicioner, from Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, PDO Threads, Kybella, Sclerotheraphy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair restoration and much more.

A consult occurs before any aesthetic procedure to ensure that patient concerns are heard and the most desirable outcomes are achieved. The quick and relatively painless injections are then administered by an experienced nurse practitioner.

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