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Laser $1800 Special Body Package For Women!!

6 treatments (includes: full face, under arms, Brazilian  and full legs )

              Reg Price $ 2500. *Must be paid in full by 2/28/19.

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Laser $1800 Special Body Package For Men!!

Specials  Services in Tampa

offers Laser Hair Removal

At Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics, we have highly trained doctors in staff offering the most modern medical solutions in the laser market. The hair removal treatment is always controlled and monitored by a physician, who determines what is most appropriate for each patient as per laser skin type, hair type, and treatment area.

Nowadays, more and more people decide to remove body hair as they are tired of using the traditional methods. The Laser Hair Removal or Photoepilation is the quickest and easiest methods to achieve results. It is also very effective in treating other diseases associated with hair like folliculitis or hirsutism, both for men and women. At Be Bellus Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer solutions for hair removal and diseases arising in different parts of the body. Be Bellus Wellness and Aesthetics is your Laser Hair Removal specialist servicing Tampa.

We welcome you to attend a free initial consultation where we will make a personalized diagnosis and advise you on the most effective and suitable system, using our laser hair removal treatment in Tampa Bay.
Compare the Hair Removal Costs in Money and Time

Before and After Photos From Laser Hair Removal in Tampa, FL

Be Bellus Wellness and Aesthetics are Laser Hair Removal Pioneers in Tampa, FL

Treating hair removal by laser or Photoepilation is basically very simple and can be performed in the following steps:

Step 1
Following a medical history of the patient, the doctor will determine the most appropriate laser treatment for each person, depending on the body area, hair color, skin type, hair depth and caliber.

Step 2
The laser hair removal process begins with the application of a small hand piece emits successive pulses of laser light on the skin.

Step 3
The hair root absorbs the laser light causing their destruction. During the session, the patient and physician must wear eye protection with specific glasses according to the type of laser. Although the sessions are usually painless, some patients may feel a slight discomfort in the very extensive treatments.

The number of sessions depends basically on the area, the type of hair and skin color. We recommend between 8-12 sessions for optimal results.* With this convenient laser hair removal treatment, we can get rid of hair located in any area of the body or prevent nuisance conditions such as folliculitis or hirsutism.

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